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Review: Camel Up

Players:  2-8 Ages:  8+ Time to play:  20-30 minutes So today I'll be reviewing the eye-catchingly lovely Camel Up which was designed by Steffen Bogen and released in 2014. During that year it was the winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award, impressively beating the likes of Splendor and Concept to the top spot.  In Camel Up you play one of 8 people betting on the outcome of a camel race in the desert next to a great pyramid. The edition I'm currently reviewing is out of print, but the lovely people at Z-Man games are just about to release a new 2018 version with updated components and a few extra gameplay elements.  As I don't have that version, I'll be reviewing this one as the game itself is fundamentally the same. In this version, you get the racetrack themed game board, which acts as the placeholder for most of the components, 5 brightly coloured camels and their associated dice, a number of betting tiles, corresponding to each camel and the