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Review: Takenoko

Players:  2-4 Ages:  13+ Time to play:  45 minutes Today I'm going to be reviewing the excellent Takenoko by Asmodee games.  It was released way back in 2011 and was designed by Antoine Bauza, who also designed the hugely popular 7 wonders game series. In Takenoko, players cultivate and irrigate plots of land in the Imperial gardens of the Japanese Emperor.  Each player grows three species of bamboo (Pink, Yellow and Green), on the appropriate coloured land tiles.  Along the way they'll be getting help from the imperial gardener whilst at the same time managing the appetites of a greedy panda.  The player who manages their plots the best wins! Now I can't get started on describing the how to play without at least mentioning the how beautiful this game looks.  It is a riot of colour throughout, from the incredible artwork on every piece of cardboard to the exceptional components contained within. Included in the game are 28 beautifully illustrated plot tiles